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You Contact Me
You can contact me any of four ways:
      (email) kanidorcreations@kanidor.com
      (phone) (607) 873-4810 
      (snail mail) Steven Rodinak 35452 Route 14 Gillett PA 16925

The Fourth way if you live in this area, (we'll figure that out by phone or email)
I can pick it up from you or you can drop it off and I'll evaluate the job over a
cup of coffee or tea to determine the cost of the job and whether I can do the
restoration or not.

Email is the most reliable way to start; I check it at least twice a day.
I typically reply to email within 24 hours.

You tell me what you need done
Tell me what you want restored and if you need it by a specific date.
This is when we talk about the general requirements you have, and I get a sense
of what the job entails and whether or not I can take it on. I can't give you a
price quote, though, until I see the original.

You ship me the original
Ship me the photograph for evaluation. I must see the original to determine if
I can do a satisfactory restoration and how much work it will require.
You don't pay anything for a quote. You only pay me after I give you a price
for the restoration and you decide to proceed with the restoration. If you decide
you don't want the restoration work done, I simply return your original to you.

Pack it well! Tape it between several sheets of oversize foam-core or stiff
corrugated cardboard (not thin sheet cardboard), and put that inside a bigger
box or rigid-wall envelope with ample padding. It should be able to pass the
"I can throw the package across the room without harming the contents" test.
If you think it needs to be marked 'Fragile,' then it isn't packed well enough.
If the photograph has an established value, then ship it via registered mail, insured.
USPO will insure one-of-a-kinds and artwork, unlike most other carriers. If it's not
insurable, use any of the standard carriers.

If you live in this area I can pick it up, or you can drop it off, or we can meet
somewhere in between.

I evaluate the original and determine the cost of restoring it.

I charge based on the job not by the hour. The risk that it will take more time
is mine, not yours, and yes, we do work within your budget.

You can pay by cash (do not send cash through the mail!), check, money order, PayPal
(you do not need a PayPal account). Personal checks are just fine. I don't wait for
them to clear — I trust people, and that trust has always been rewarded. 

You approve the price and pay for the work
You pay when you order the work. I don't do billing.
In return, you get a 100% satisfied, money-back guarantee, as I describe below. 

I restore your photograph.

You approve the restoration
When I've finished restoring your photograph, I will email you a large JPEG proof.
This (typically) 2 MB file will have only half the resolution of the full-size
restored image, but that's usually sufficient to judge the quality of the restoration.
You decide if you're pleased with the results. This is where my money-back
guarantee comes in. If you're not satisfied, I will do whatever additional work
I can to make you happy. If I can't make you happy, then I return your original
and your money.
Your approval of the proof constitutes official acceptance of my work.
There are no refusal privileges after that.

I send you the restoration
Once I have your final approval, I burn a CD with both TIFF and JPEG versions of
the finished photograph at various resolutions (suitable for printing out, posting
on a web site, or mailing to friends). I also print out a high-quality, archival-ink
digital image for your enjoyment.
I ship the print, CD, and your original photo (unharmed and unaltered) back to you.
I retain a copy of the restored image in case something happens to your CD.
If it gets lost or damaged, I will provide a replacement copy without charge.

My guarantee!
If for any reason my restoration doesn't live up to your expectations, I'll give
you back all your money. No arguments, no hassles, no hidden clauses. I don't
want anyone to feel dissatisfied with my services.

If you have any questions just contact me.
Regarding scanning: If you are going to scan the photo yourself or have it
scanned make sure you/they figure out the right resolution based on the print size.
It should be scanned in color regardless if it is black and white or all color.
Sharpening, dust removal settings should be turned off.
I prefer doing the scan myself as I know what I need and like in order to get
the job done.

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